I installed Albert launcher on my ubuntu 16.04 and it was working fine. I unchecked the system tray Icon option and set the hotkey to alt + enter.

but when I try to invoke it and pressing the alt+enter its not opening the Albert search box and because I unchecked the system tray Icon option I cant change the hotkey from UI. cause I cant open it Up.

I tried to uninstall and reinstall it but it still got the same settings.

I saw somewhere that the config is in $HOME/.config/albert/albert.conf directory but none of the file nor the directory exists. so I cant figure it out how can I change the hotkey?

maybe from a terminal command? what should I do? is there any other way to open the settings of Albert?


Ah. I got it. Here

for anyone who struggle like me I share it here:

doing this will clear the last settings and when opening the Albert it will ask for settings.

killall -9 albert
rm -r ~/.config/albert
rm -r ~/.config/manuelschneid3r
rm -r ~/.local/share/albert

Type albert show in Terminal to open the setting dialog.

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