I know how send a command as a input in a program like this:

echo toto | ./my_prog

And with process substitution + redirection:

r < <(echo toto)

But how to do this if I want to input a second or a third input?

For example, I have a program that ask my username first and after this it ask me others informations like a number phone or whatever in different input.

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Use { and } to collect the output of multiple programs. For instance, { echo one; echo two; } |program. Leave a space after { and before } and ensure there is a semicolon after the last command within the braces.

I would suggest a here document

./my_proc << END_OF_INPUTS
phone number

You can use printf and a pipe too

printf "%s\n" "username" "number phone" "whatever" | ./my_prog
  • I can use python too like this: python -c 'print "toto\x0Atutu\x0A\x0A5\x0A"' | ./my_prog – sushi Mar 1 at 21:29
  • Seems a bit of overkill to spawn python just for this. printf is a shell builtin. – glenn jackman Mar 1 at 22:58

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