I am using Debian Stretch with lightdm. Suddenly, I am no longer asked for a password when I log in. As soon as I fill in my username and press tab, the password field is removed and I can log in without ever entering it.


  • With a command line login, the situation is the same: I only have to enter my username to log in.
  • No password is asked when I use sudo, even across reboots and after executing sudo -K.
  • Some applications, such as the root terminal in Thunar, warn me that due to my 'authentication mechanism setup', I do not need to enter a password.
  • My password is no longer accepted by programs which have a graphic prompt for a password, such as synaptic-pkexec. sudo synaptic-pkexec does work.

The answers I'm finding are specific to settings in lightdm, or in /etc/sudoers. However those files look normal, and this problem seems to be more general. Can anyone offer pointers on how to find out what has changed in my system?

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  • What did you change? Password authentication does not disable itself for no reason. – Kusalananda Feb 28 '18 at 9:54
  • Any messages from pam* in the journal? Check with sudo journalctl -b to see messages for current boot session. – Mioriin Feb 28 '18 at 10:08
  • I don't remember changing anything, this is why I was puzzled. The journal reports however: lightdm[1193]: gkr-pam: no password is available for user Apparently I have no password set anymore, then. I don't know how this happened. Setting a new password solved everything. Thanks for your help, I'll submit my own answer. – mpjdem Feb 28 '18 at 10:49

The root cause was that there was no password set anymore for my user. I executed:

sudo journalctl -b | grep pam

And noticed:

lightdm[1193]: gkr-pam: no password is available for user

The problem was then solved by executing passwd at the terminal and setting a new password.

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