In the default shortcuts of Xfce4 there is commands affected to the following shortcut: "XF86Mail" and "XF86WWW".

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What do they correspond to ?


They correspond to dedicated keys available on some keyboards, typically in a cluster of “multimedia” keys (see for example this Microsoft keyboard with “email and internet hot keys”); XF86Mail is the key assigned to access email, XF86WWW the key assigned to start a web browser.


Taking a look at the source code of file XF86keysym.h, and this table it seems to be exactly what the name suppose to be in a very suggestive way: The keyboard symbols to "Mail" and "Internet"(some of them have the "E" of Internet Explorer printed on it):

#define XF86XK_Mail     0x1008FF19   /* Invoke user's mail program */
#define XF86XK_WWW      0x1008FF2E   /* Invoke web browser         */

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