I am running a userspace driver for a /dev/uinput device in a Wayland desktop session. The instructions suggest running xinput list to confirm that the device is detected.

Of course, xinput is an X.org application. What is the equivalent command for Wayland? (A GNOME GUI equivalent is acceptable.)


On Debian the command is:

$ sudo libinput list-devices
# requires the libinput-tools package

On arch-linux:

# libinput list-devices

To list just the device names, no details, use grep:

$ sudo libinput list-devices | grep Device

You should be able to use sudo evemu-describe to list the input devices found in /dev/input/event*. It is interactive unless you give it a specific device from the list.


According to man 5 sway-input, you could use swaymsg -t get_inputs.

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