A couple of days ago I started to experience issues with search/activity log on my Arch Linux system to be precise what I mean I'm using search tools like Synapse and basic one from Cairo Dock both of them stopped showing results either I search or try to see my recent activity none of these tools show anything except Cairo Dock tool shows what has changed in Pictures folder and that is weird that it affects for example Documents folder but Pictures activity shows up normal but Synapse search tool shows nothing at all. I've been using Synapse for about 4 years already and this thing never happened and I'm wondering what could be the sudden cause for this issue? I didn't do any changes or modifications to my system just a routine updates via terminal.


Not the best solution but I'm guessing there's some Synapse search tool issue with the newer linux kernels I've tried to purge it completely and reinstall but no success but installing alternative search tool Albert works even better for me. For those who used to Synapse alike search tools might want to try an alternative app launcher Albert works flawless. To install Albert on Arch Linux use the command below:

yaourt -S albert 

To install Albert on other distros click here

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