I have installed Arch Linux (x86-64) on a tabled, which is Chuwi Hi12. I have downloaded this sound codec specific for this tabled here:


I compiled and installed it. The problem is that sounds doesn't play, but a noise that indicates the sound card is working sounds. I don't know if it error is in the code I downloaded or in any step I did. In the system log (dmesg), there is a error that is repeated a lot:

Audio Port: ASoC: no backend DAIs enabled for Audio Port

The complete dmesg out is here:


Sorry for the use of Google Drive, but pastebin doesn't work.

  • Same issue with Zorin 12.4 (a Ubuntu Xenial derivative) with Linux version 4.15.0-45-generic. The machine is a low-end Mini PC, and Zorin is fully patched with dist-upgrade. The issue appears to be related to Cherry Trail. I suppose that's an Intel code name. – user56041 Feb 14 at 12:32

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