I need to recovery solaris11,the incorrect permission of user( some bad thing with uid..) cannot allow ssh!

So I did


boot from cd-installation select language and then shell

I import my rpool OK

zpool import -f rpool

I mount my BE

beadm mount -b mybe /mnt

I chroot on /mnt

chroot /mnt /bin/bash

Then I correct the permission and..OK

usermod -u 109 myuser

Now I want to apply on homedir..

chown -R myuser /export/home/myuser

But export/home is empty!

zpool list
zpool status

Report no error. What I miss?

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Solution found

zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/export/home export/home

mount /mnt/export/home

I made my changes

chroot /mnt
chown myuser /export/home/myuser

then exit,and reset mountpoint

zfs set mountpoint=/export/home export/home
beadm umount mybe

Reboot and works

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