I'm running Google Chrome on Debian 9 stable with Gnome 3.22. Just yesterday, Chrome's tab text, page text, and bookmark bar text became blurry when I tried to open another Chrome instances (Ctrl+N). I tried to change Gnome's default fonts to fix it, but it didn't work. It will go back to normal after I terminate all instances and re-open the browser.

Normal v.s. Blurry

But when I open new tab (Ctrl+T) in the first instance of Chrome everything is fine, even I right-click on an URL to open a new tab or window. Any suggestion to solve this?

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I've been able to work around this by enabling chrome://flags##lcd-text-aa. I don't understand why. I first disabled it, assuming this was a RGB-subpixel rendering issue (xrandr can't determine my monitor's subpixel order, so I guessed it could be that). That didn't help. But enabling it seems to have worked, somehow.

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