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I'm on ubuntu 17.10. Got uid 121 after installing nvidia tested proprietary drivers. After purging nvidia-* finally solve uid 121. Later install not tested driver from same file, there's no uid 121, but drivers doesn't work at all. Can i have both working drivers and no uid 121? Geforce gtx 640m


I found that using lightdm the nomodeset parameter was the key to fixing my issue with 18.04

Nomodeset: How to get in once via temporary grub change

You can add the grub configuration parameters if you hold right shift at bootup and press e to edit Ubuntu parameters. You need to replace quiet splash with nomodeset. Then hit ctrl x to save and continue.

Lightdm: How to put in the permanent fix

Once in, open a terminal and type sudo apt install lightdm, then sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, then sudo reboot

Please refer to this amazing guide for more details and screenshots!:



I experienced a slightly similar issue, although it was inside a VM environment (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS running inside VirtualBox v5.2.12).

In my case, I was able to solve the issue by unchecking the "Enable 3D Acceleration" option to disable it in the VM Settings at Display -> Screen tab;

and increasing the number of CPUs to 2 at System -> Processor screen.

I also checked the Enable PAE/NX setting on this screen.


If you are like me & just don't want to deal with this issue at all, read on.

This error just popped up one fine day for me. I didn't mess with any drivers. My guess is that it auto updated the previous night and got messed up.

Guessing that you are on Ubuntu 16 or higher, in the grub screen on boot up select the Ubuntu Options and select a lower kernel version in it (not even recovery mode). Use your system like this until ubuntu (or nvidia) releases an update (usually within a few days). Update them with your software updater.

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