as mentioned above, I have a cryptsetup full disk encrypted device on /dev/sda at And I am at

$ sudo cryptsetup luksOpen [email protected]:/dev/sda encHDD
$ sudo mount /dev/mapper/encHDD /mnt/encHDD
$ ls -lha /mnt/encHDD

How can I make this command possible?

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Network Block Device will allow remote access to the block device.

If you trust the remote server you could mount it on the server and use a network filing system.

Note that in any case the server will know which parts of the disk are accessed and this may be sensitive information. If that is a problem copy the entire disk (or part of).

  • In case network speed is high but CPU of the server is slow with full-encryption-disk mounted on it, crypt-mounting server:/dev/sda through network with fast CPU on the client's side might be a better choice?
    – user58029
    Mar 1, 2018 at 0:36

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