I am with CentOS 7, and I want to start Kafka standalone producer (File Connector) as a service. The command is:

/opt/kafka/bin/connect-standalone.sh /opt/kafka/config/connect-standalone.properties /opt/kafka/config/connect-file-source.properties

And, obviously, it has no stop command. Normally, I just Ctrl+C to stop it as a foreground process.

But when I test, I found very tedious to open several terminal console session to run several processes (Zookeeper, Kafka server, Kafka producer, Storm jar, etc.) so I change Zookeeper and Kafka server as service, which have their stop script. But in this case, no.

I tried systemctl start kafka-producer and systemctl stop kafka-producer, but the service entered failed status, and is not stopped. I had to delete the service, reload the daemon, and switch to manual again.


Description=Kafka Producer

ExecStart=/opt/kafka/bin/connect-standalone.sh /opt/kafka/config/connect-standalone.properties /opt/kafka/config/connect-file-source.properties


Anyway to manipulate a service without ExecStop command?


Having HDP 2.6.4 with Kafka 0.10.1 installed, the script reported

/usr/hdp/$ ./connect-standalone.sh
USAGE: ./connect-standalone.sh [-daemon] connect-standalone.properties

a property to run as daemon by using the option -daemon.

Would this something feasible for you?

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