I need to escape some characters from my awk (GNU Awk 4.2.0) input - { with \{, [ with \[ and | with \|. I accomplished that with three gsub calls:

for (i = 2; i <= NF; i++) {
    gsub(/{/, "\\{", $i)
    gsub(/\[/, "\\[", $i)
    gsub(/\|/, "\\|", $i)

How can I combine those three calls into one? Something like

gsub(/([{[|])/, "\\\1", $i)
  • Which awk are you using? – Michael Homer Feb 22 '18 at 21:34
  • The one from cygwin. Looks like it is gawk: $ awk -V GNU Awk 4.2.0, API: 2.0 (GNU MPFR 3.1.6-p1, GNU MP 6.1.2) – rambius Feb 22 '18 at 21:36

You can use & in the replacement to refer to the matched text:

$ awk '{gsub(/[[{|]/, "\\\\&", $0); print}' <<<"abc { | [ def"
abc \{ \| \[ def

That's just a regular [...] character class with [, |, and { in it in the pattern, and a sufficiently-escaped backslash followed by & in the replacement. You do need all of them.

For more complex patterns gawk has a gensub function that lets you make references to part of the text, like \\1, but you don't need that here. All POSIX-compatible awks support the & behaviour for including the entire matched substring in the replacement.

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