I understand from Richard Stallman in this video, made probably in 2012/2013, that Ubuntu isn't 100% free by the GNU organization definition of Free Software, as according to Stallman there, it "spies" on users and also share the "spied" information with Amazon.

I asked about it in AskUbuntu but my question was putted off topic and heavily disliked so I removed it.

I'm not sure if the mechanisms Stallman mentiones (without even knowing how accurate he was) still exist in Ubuntu in 2018, but do they exist in Debian?

Do Debian desktop has such things?

I don't mind install some third party software on Debian desktop (like Nvidia software) but I would still like to know of the aforementioned mechanisms (by Stallman), or even similar tracking mechanisms exist in Debian.

I ask this question as I stronly contemplate to move to a new OS and I'm very much into Debian systems, from various reasons.


This was a feature provided by Unity’s shopping lens; it was removed in Ubuntu 17.10, and was never available in Debian.

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