I have a special pc, a thin client that had a small hard drive! It is a HP-G56N. I love mini pcs. It successfully installed, but upon boot the text is infinitesamally small and unreadable. Looks like little ant tracks. :) why are the default settings like this? Maybe a pc hiccup or had a bad install image, or maybe the hardware being niche caused it?

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Adding the answer i found to help someone else on the Internet with a similar issue.

I found weird bug with xfce4: menu panel font very small which mentioned a custom dpi value. I didn't realize right off that this was related to font size but i unchecked the "use custom DPI setting" checkbox which was checked by default for some reason and text all went back to normal and i sized my text for my 32" tv monitor.

I bet this problem was related to the resolution of a tv as a monitor so use custom dpi was auto calculated based on the tv possibly?

  • Note! I also had xfce4 desktop and tools installed and i found this option in an xfce tool
    – Kyle H
    Apr 21, 2018 at 18:28

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