(Using Ubuntu 17.10) I don't know how this happened. I use Guake terminal and zsh with oh-my-zsh, and also have had the Android emulator(along with the sdk etc.) installed for a long time. For some reason, one day, pasting into Guake using Ctrl-V, the mouse and context menu, or Ctrl-Shift-V, all started to

a) Open the Android emulator and then

b) Spit some emulator related garble onto the terminal, followed finally by the text I wanted to paste.

I can then close the emulator and use the pasted text. This, as you can imagine, became infuriating. So I just now deleted the entire folder of Android related stuff, the sdk, the ndk's, all tools etc. including the emulator. Now when I paste to Guake I see the line:

 bracketed-paste-magic:12: no such file or directory: /home/user/Android/Sdk/tools/emulator

Followed by:

enter image description here

All I know about bracketed-paste-magic is that it is a part of zsh... I have never intentionally used this feature.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?

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    emulate is a zsh builtin which is used in a lot of functions. Looks like it's being overridden by a function. What does type emulate say? Does your .zshrc define a function called emulate or does it include something related to the Android emulator? – Gilles Feb 19 '18 at 21:07

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