I have RHEL for developers installed on my local machine with xfce. When I right-click on any file and select add to archive it says that there is no such program. 7zip and fileroller are installed and if I manually do the same thing in the shell It works, but xfce don't want to.

How to point on correct archivator for xfce menu item?

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Go to Settings > Mime Type Editor and filter by archive (zip, rar, etcetra) and bind a program to it.

You have 7za installed, not 7zip. The former is windows only and the latter is CLI.

File-roller is adequate for most operations.


How to add custom 'Add to archive' action in Xfce4 Thunar

if a default thunar-archive-plugin don't work properly

  1. Uninstall thunar-archive-plugin:

    yum remove thunar-archive-plugin
  2. In the Thunar menu open EditConfigure custom actions. Add menu item Add to archive:

    • File name template:

    • Command:

      file-roller "--default-dir=%D" --add %F
    • See screenshots:

      • Basic:

      Action - Basic

      • Appearance conditions:

      Action - Appearance conditions

    • Don't forget to add appropriate icon

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