have mounted overlay fs:

overlay on /srv/www/site type overlay (rw,relatime,lowerdir=/srv/www/site_orig,upperdir=/srv/www/site_custom,workdir=/srv/www/overlay_workdir)

I can see and edit files under /srv/www/site, but apache shows that dir is empty. I tried to direct apache's doc root to /srv/www/site, to /srv/www; tried to remove PrivateTmp option from systemd service, but that didn't help.

sudo -u http /srv/www/site

works - I can see the files. (apache runs as http user) Permissions are correct.

cat /proc/<apache_pid>/mountinfo

doesn't show this mount

Kernel 4.14.7

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It turned out that not the httpd was in slave namespace, but my entire X session with all graphic terminals.

So I removed PrivateTmp=yes from sddm.service, and now Apache process can see my mounts

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