I started to learn linux and I came a cross problem I would like to ask. After I use useradd command in debian, I get new user with home directory. I check that directories from /etc/skel are copied and everything seems fine. But when I log to user with su - user I get only $ sign and I see that PS1 variable is not set, colours and other things. User created with adduser doesn't have this problem and If I check difference between .bashrc and .profile files for both users, there are the same. So why is this happening?

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When you use useradd you have to specify all sorts of stuff - default shell, home directory, etc. If you aren't seeing a normal bash prompt, I would assume that you didn't specify /bin/bash as the user's shell and it defaulted to /bin/sh or similar.

To be honest, useradd is great for when you are adding users programmatically via a script. Not so great for one-off adding a single user.

Much better to instead use adduser newusername ....

  • adduser is good for scripted user creation too - just remember to use --disabled-password so it doesn't prompt for a password. You can set the password later with echo user:pass | chpasswd. – cas Feb 17 '18 at 0:23

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