1. I had windows Os on a 160GB disk . so i created a bootable usb for kali linux to install side by side with windows. so during installation i selected partition method .( guided partitioning - use entire disk). then i selected All files in one partition (recommended for new users). so the installation process began . then i shutdown the pc because i thought i made a mistake.
    2. so then i loaded the installation again this time choosing manual partioning method and the whole disk was shown as free space. i created a logical partition of 50 Gb plus swap space, and the rest was free space. i proceeded with installing kali linux on the 50GB partition. thats when i decided to use the testdisk utility but i realy dont know what happened ?

using testdisk under advanced with disk partition marked x Extended shows

Boot sector
Status: Bad

Backup boot sector
Status: Bad

Sectors are not identical.

A valid NTFS Boot sector must be present in order to access any data; even if the partition is not bootable.

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  • "I selected All files in one partition (recommended for new users)..." If you are a new user, please don't use Kali. It's not a distribution intended for new users. Really. – roaima Feb 16 '18 at 15:10
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i realy dont know what happened ?

You asked the installer to partition the entire disk, which it did, then you re-partitioned it yourself and installed Kali. Your Windows installation is gone.

As you’ve found out, TestDisk won’t be able to help. You might be able to recover some data using PhotoRec (with a separate drive to hold the recovered data), but at this point you should consider your data gone (or restore it from backups if you have any).

  • alright i just have to move on – Isah Petr Feb 16 '18 at 14:07

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