I was following this guide

How do I combine two logical volumes that reside on a single physical volume in LVM?

To merge /data into / So / would have 60G space in addition.

enter image description here

Everything was done correctly and the problem happens when I did resize2fs /dev/mapper/vg_xxxxxxx-lv_root, I got error below: enter image description here

One piece of information is that this Centos 6.8 VM is in VMware and the /data is basically Disk 3 below:

enter image description here

Result of fdisk -l:

enter image description here enter image description here

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to do so ...

  • save data from /data if needed
  • umount your current LV data01
  • remove PV from this vg (& remove this vg if no more used)
  • add now that PV to vgsys from vgextend command
  • use lvextand to extand the rootlv
  • finally only use resize2fs on this one.
  • modify your /etc/fstab to stop mounting /data
  • mkdir /data & restore any data in it

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