Solaris 11 with RBAC,profiles can give some privileges to user(is like sudo but more advanced).

With command

profiles -p "profile name"

I can create the profile

With command

usermod -P "profile name" role/user

I can assign the profile to user or role

With command

usermod -P -"profile name" role/user

I can remove the profile from user.

Which command for delete the profile from system?


From the profiles(1) man page, it appears a form of

profiles -p "profile name" delete

would remove the profile. An example from the man page:

Example 5 Deleting a Profile

The following command deletes the User Manager profile from LDAP:

example% profiles -p "User Manager" -S ldap delete -F

I don't currently have access to a Solaris 11 instance with profiles to test, though.

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