I have an Ubuntu machine on which I installed KDE and since day 1 the plasmashell process was leaking memory and my panels just became extremely unresponsive over time. Now I would like to check the logs to see if I can find the cause, but I just don't know where they could be. I checked /var/log for a kde or plasmashell directory and I also checked ~/.kde for any sorts of logs, but I couldn't find any. I also checked dmesg and journalctl. The latter had some lines about KScreen, but that's about it.

Does KDE/plasmashell even log anything? If so where can I find it?

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You should use journalctl...one of the best things about systemd is that all the logs are in one place...gone are the days of searching for files.


journalctl -f | grep --line-buffered kde

I also recomend this article. Shows all the great things you can do with jounralctl.


I think there may be more relevant output in /home/user/.xsession-errors This file doesn't have timestamps, except at the start of a session, which looks like:

Xsession: X session started for user at vr 26 jun 2020 14:29:13 CEST

The content of this file doesn't appear in my journalctl, so no: not all the logs are in one place.

EDIT: at least this is the case on Kubuntu, in Manjaro KDE the xsession messages are integrated in journalctl after all

  • If your login manager is sddm, I found (on my system, an Artix install) that it can keep additional per-user logs in the $HOME/.local/share/sddm directory. Commented Dec 19, 2023 at 23:46

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