Hi I have installed KVM and Virt-Manager on three physical computers, and I'm thinking of using a fourth computer to save snapshots or copies of snapshots.

Someone knows how to configure Virt-Manager, so that at the moment of making Snapshots, these are saved in another server (Server 4) and not in local. Or save it locally but make a copy on another server (Server 4).

Thank you


The snapshots virt-manager takes are internal (created and managed inside the disk image), and aren't saved to a separate image. If you are looking for a way to back up your VMs, you need to look for backup solutions instead of posing this question


With KVM you have the choice of making internal and external snapshots. Until now, virt-manager only supports internal snapshots. If you need external snapshotting, you have to use command line tooling. A very handy shell script is this. I've used it for years, with only two crontab entries needed:

10 0 * * * /usr/local/bin/fi-backup.sh -q -v all > /dev/null

0 23 * * sun /usr/local/bin/fi-backup.sh -c -v all > /dev/null

The first entry creates snapshots of all running VM's. The second entry consolidates all snapshots back into the image once a week.

You need additional scripts to copy the snapshots to your backup location, and to automatically clean old snapshots from that backup location.

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