I'm stuck in linux installation process.

I've resized windows partition in order to be able to install linux (dualboot).

Here is a screenshot of computer manager tool : disks on Windows

Once, I've boot it on live usb, gparted tell me wrong information : there is only one partition witch takes the whole disk.

Here is the screenshot of gparted (from live usb) :

enter image description here

Do you have any idea ? Thank you by advance for your help :-)


This looks like your USB disk you use to boot Linux. I assume there is a third drive in drop-down.

In the livecd, do the following in the terminal (you can leave gparted open):

sudo fdisk -l

It should spit out three drives, two that are around 120Gb and one 1Tb drive ...

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I found why gparted can't see my SSD! I just changed bios configuration (Stata controller Mode) Intel RST Premium > AHCI.

Now, I see all my disks in gpart.

Now my trouble are arround windows He can't boot anymore with this "AHCI" selected option :-(

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