I need to write a script which will install some arm debian packages onto a debian sd-card. The script must run on an x86_64 debian desktop PC.

Can dpkg install packages, that are for a different architecture, onto a target filesystem?

What's the best way of doing this? A chroot, or something else?

  • Can you explain why you want the x86 host do that instead of the ARM system itself? – Philippos Feb 9 '18 at 13:41
  • @Philippos This is for continuous integration running on an x86_64 server. It needs to be able to serve an up-to-date ARM SD card image, with the latest versions of in-house Debian packages installed. – fadedbee Feb 12 '18 at 14:36
  • 1
    Our CI provides deb packages to the ARM system, which is running as jenkins client, executing the installation as part of the test setup. You can even use a build-in update mechanism of the system to test it at the same time. Anyhow, if that doesn't fit for you, you maybe want to use ELBE or just copy their qemu-based mechanism. – Philippos Feb 13 '18 at 6:38

I'd go for Virtualbox, I'm quite sure chroot is out of the question:


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