I am debugging an issue with application which connects to RabbitMQ. So I have docker-compose file with 2 containers: my app and RebbitMQ.

I would like to see what is going on if there are serious connection problems.

My first idea was to exec to docker container running rabbit and type:

ifconfig eth0 down

Unfortunately this is not allowed in containers and i get: Permission denied.

What other options do I have? (currently RabbitMQ is alpine-based so there are not much tools pre-installed but I can easily switch my test RabbitMQ container to another distro).

  • If the containers are set up with the same network group, can you not just bring down the network? – Raman Sailopal Feb 8 '18 at 11:41

I used a special container between RabbitMQ and my app called muxy:

There are different kinds of so called "midleware" which you can add to this proxy in order to simulate different kinds of network problems.

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