Are builtin security features allied to secure user behavior enough to protect a Linux system? Or should I install an antivirus software?


If its a company server then yes you should have anti-virus on it. If you don't and it gets infected, you will either get your balls kicked, or get fired. Neither is good.

At home, you can take more of a chance. however, if you have windows machines, the Linux samba shares can act as safe haven for the virus and can keep reinfecting your windows machines.

Whilst it's quite rare to catch a linux virus or worm, but they do appear from time to time. Having a SSH port available to the internet is a major well known risk, there may well be other common attack methods for linux home servers.


I suggest a virus scanner (clamav) on server machines. You could run one also on desktop linux to stop spreading infections.


Generally, Linux doesn't requires an antivirus because it is nearly impossible for a virus to attack the Linux kernel. despite of this I prefer an antivirus like "clamav" for scanning some windows softwares which Linux users run through wine.

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