I would like to list the last 3 logins on conky so it would look something like this

username 1/1/2018 12:15 - 12:21  (00:06) 

The format can very.


You can run a shell script from conky with execi followed by the time to wait between reruns:

${execi 30 last | awk '
 /^wtmp begins/{ print s[(i+1)%3]"\n"s[(i+2)%3]"\n"s[i]; exit } 
 /^reboot /{ next }
 NF>0{ i=(i+1)%3; s[i]=$0;}'

The above, for example, runs the last command every 30 seconds, and keeps the last 3 lines seen which do not begin reboot, and writes them out when we see a line beginning wtmp begins, which marks the end of the output from last.

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