The: http://lynx.isc.org/ is not loading.

Is it the https://lynx.invisible-island.net/ what is the official for the "lynx", the text-based webbrowser?

  • On a Debian "testing" distribution, aptitude show lynx says Homepage: https://lynx.invisible-island.net. – Toby Speight Feb 5 '18 at 17:57

The homepage for Lynx has moved more than once, as discussed in this development page:

However, things change. Paul Vixie left ISC in mid-2013 to form a new company. At the time, that did not affect Lynx—from ISC's standpoint Lynx was just a box in a rack of servers. For the last four years of Lynx's stay at ISC, I did all of the software maintenance for the project. Still, a box in a rack costs money for electricity. Late in 2015, ISC shifted away from this style of project support, to reduce costs. I expanded my website to incorporate Lynx (roughly doubling the size of the site).

Old site:


New site:


This new site is still the current homepage as of February 2018.


Yes, http://lynx.invisible-island.net/ is the current official home page for the Lynx text-based web browser.

Unless Thomas says otherwise. (He doesn't)

The move is mentioned in the CHANGES document for release "2.8.9dev.7" in December 2015:

* move homepage for Lynx from
  because ISC has ended support -TD
  • The problem with looking at CHANGES is that the site might have moved in the past 2 years. – RonJohn Feb 4 '18 at 21:33
  • @RonJohn You mean "last 6 months"? The latest entry in that file is from July 2017. Well, in that case I would not really be expecting to find the document at that site. – Kusalananda Feb 5 '18 at 6:36

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