I would like to delete all history entries matching a certain string. I found this method:

grep -v searchstring "$HISTFILE" > /tmp/history
mv /tmp/history "$HISTFILE"

but it does not account for the HISTTIMEFORMAT comments, for example:

echo 1
echo 2
echo 3

If I wanted to remove "echo 2", the preceding comment would need to be removed as well. How can I do this?

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Sed is your friend (awk could do it as well), you may use this code (assuming every line matched indeed has a time line):

sed '$!N;/echo 2/!P;D' "$HISTFILE" > /tmp/history

or to do it directly in the history file:

sed -i '$!N;/echo 2/!P;D' "$HISTFILE"

The example you have will become this:

echo 1
echo 3

A more restrictive match: only erase actual time lines before the pattern (match lines that have one field that is a # followed by ten digits)

awk -vp="echo 2" ' {b=$0};b~p{next}
                   NF=1 && b~/#[0-9]{10}/{a=b;next}
                   {print(a RS b)}
                 ' "$HISTFILE"

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