For my personal laptop I will install Debian9 with lightDM/Awesome. During the installation process (with tasksel) I have just checked standard system utility.

Just for my comprehension, if the packages installed pass from 1400 to 150, it is just for the Desktop Environment ?

I know i will install all tools manually (unzip, session locker, ...). But I want to make sure that there are no essential tools missing for the system and that it will work well.


Yes, roughly 150 packages matches up with the standard minimal base installation, and 1400 is about what I would expect from most distributions that provide a full desktop environment and don't give the user options to exclude optional dependencies during the install. The standard set of desktop items has a pretty large number of dependencies, especially stuff like web browsers or office software, but a minimalistic system only really needs a few dozen packages and their dependencies.

As a point of reference, the Debian Sid testing VM I run has 427 packages installed currently. About half of those are dependencies pulled in by installing the build-essential, gdb, and vim packages, and about a fifth of the rest are from manual installation of a small number of things I have on every system I use (htop, lsof, strace, etc) that have pretty minimal dependencies. When I initially installed the system, it had about 200 some packages, but I also selected both the base system and the SSH server options during the install.

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