I have a list of a few hundred files. They are currently as below:


etc., all the way up to

filename.New_<current date>.dat

I have a process that currently looks to pick files up from a landing directory, but in a totally different file name format.

What i want to do is rename the files but retain the date. For example, if i was to change one file it would be like:

$ mv filename.New_20160902.dat FILE_NAME_NEW.20160902.dat

Easily done for one file, but how can i do this for a list of files. I want to extract the date part of the old filename, store it as a variable and mv that old file to a new file with the new filename, keeping the date part the same.



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rename -n s/filename.New_/FILE_NAME_NEW./ filename.New*

If you are OK with proposed renaming, run without -n


Try something like this

for x in *; do
    mv "${x}" FILE_NAME_NEW."${x#filename.New_}"

Use echo in front of mv first, so you can see what the effect is before renaming the files. "${x}" is the variable with your filename (e.g. filename.New_20160901.dat) and "${x#filename.New_}" is the filename with filename.New_ removed if it is at the beginning (e.g. 20160901.dat).


To match a file that contains the time stamp (and not other files) use:


for x in filename.New_[0-9]*.dat; do
    echo "file --> $x"

    echo    mv "${x}" "${x/filename.New_/FILE_NAME_NEW.}"

Remove the echo in front of mv to actually perform the move (after you are happy with the files selected with the script).

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