I am using a login session in my ash machine.

My problem is, when executing history command in ash shell, it returns 0. This is because the .ash_history is not created. I tried to triage the issue by debugging the ash.c code. Please find the code snippet of our interest. On analysis I found the Home directory is set to NULL, hence the underlined if condition is failed and ultimately reflects in .ash_history creation failure.

Code snippet of ash.c

    if (iflag) {
        const char *hp = lookupvar("HISTFILE");
        if (!hp) {
            hp = lookupvar("HOME");
            if(hp) {
                hp = concat_path_file(hp, ".ash_history");
                setvar("HISTFILE", hp, 0);
                hp = lookupvar("HISTFILE");
        if (hp)
            line_input_state->hist_file = hp;*

Can anyone help me in setting the HOME directory..If the home directory is some location, the if condition would have passed and .ash_history file will also be created, which resolves my issue.

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