Every example I have seen so far of a valid Kerberos realm name is of the form "example.com". None of the pages I have read give the actual naming rules.

What are the naming rules?

Must a Kerberos realm be named with a TLD or a dot-plus-extension?

Or, can a Kerberos realm be named with a single word without any dot-plus-extension?


The MIT Kerberos documentation says:

Realm name

Although your Kerberos realm can be any ASCII string, convention is to make it the same as your domain name, in upper-case letters.

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I found the answer here:

Kerberos Realm Names

Realm names can consist of any ASCII string. Usually, the realm name is the same as your DNS domain name except that the realm name is in uppercase. This convention helps differentiate problems with the Kerberos service from problems with the DNS namespace, while keeping a name that is familiar. You can use any string, but configuration and maintenance might then require more work. Use realm names that follow the standard Internet naming structure.

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