I'm trying to send keystrokes from my android to my Retropie using ssh. After a lot of searching I found that I have to use ssh with the -X flag which was already a hassle as most apps don't support flags. I fond one now (VX ConnectBot) and when I echo $DISPLAY I get localhost:10 so x11 forwarding seems properly enabled. But when I try to do anything with xdotool like DISPLAY=':0' xdotool ... I always get the error

Error: Can't open display: (null).

Any ideas why? Or any other ideas on how I can control the keyboard from my android?


If $DISPLAY is localhost:10 when you're connecting from Android to Retropie, it indicates that X forwarding is in effect for X11 programs on the Retropie to the screen on Android.

When you specify DISPLAY=':0', the command after that would be connecting to Retropie's local X display, not the remote display of the Android. In effect, you would be undoing the X forwarding to access the local display of the system that's running the command. To do that successfully, you would also need the local display's session cookie in your ~/.Xauthority file (or in a file pointed to by the $XAUTHORITY environment variable).

Now, have you confirmed that Retropie actually has an X server running? The programs in it could be using the framebuffer device directly, eliminating the overhead of the X11 protocol. In a device like Retropie, that would make a great deal of sense.

  • Well okay... I think I'm just gonna buy a keyboard. I've been digging through guides for hours now and apparently they're all not working. Thanks a lot for the effort, but it seems its not as straightforward as I thought to press a simple key on the remote machine. – Aram Becker Jan 26 '18 at 11:20

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