There is a method to seek with a filehandle in C,

int fseek(FILE *stream, long offset, int whence);

There is also a file in fdinfo for each file descriptor,

cat /proc/self/fdinfo/2
pos:    0
flags:  0100002
mnt_id: 24

What I want to do is call fseek on a file handle belonging to another process. Is this currently possible?


I am guessing "no", but feel to correct me.

Here I create a test file (/tmp/f), and a perl script that echos its pid, opens our test file and sleeps.

echo foobar > /tmp/f;
perl -E'$|=1; print $$; open my $fh, "<", "/tmp/f" or die $!; sleep while 1'

The pid outputted was 19992. Now here is what's going on in /proc/19992/fd,

$ cd /proc/19992/fd/
$ sudo cat 3

And in /proc/19992/fdinfo,

$ cat 3 
pos:    0
flags:  02100000
mnt_id: 27

$ sudo cat 3  > 3
bash: 3: Permission denied

$ sudo echo "pos=0"  > 3
bash: 3: Permission denied

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