I have a USB drive connected to my router to access files remotely, and it can use ftp to connect (not ssh or sftp). I have the router login set to the same login as my desktop computer, and I can use Nemo to connect to the server for file transfers only if I set the ftp login to use the same login as my main router login.

But, I have the option to set up an alternate login, which I'd like to do so I don't need to give out the router login to anyone. However, Nemo will not connect using either "Connect to server" or typing in a URL in the address line. It will only connect if the login name and password are the same as the computer. I believe there is some protocol for using your existing login for an external device.

It's obviously not the router, as I can connect as expected using my phone's file manager (FX on Android).

EDIT: I tried using a windows share option, and had the same problem. Something about sending the login information doesn't work, except when it's the system's login info. Even using user:password@address doesn't work; it prompts for a password, but the command it sends is screwed up.


I use this format to access my Android tablet:

  • sftp://192.168.xx.yy:2222/storage/extSdCard/Movies

The ftp server (on the Android) doesn't have root access so can't use port 22.

  • Thanks, but that doesn't work in this situation, which is that this uses SSH, which isn't available. Also, the problem isn't connecting, the problem is entering a password on the remote server. I can connect fine if the remote server has the same password as my local computer. – Marty Fried Mar 17 at 0:31
  • @MartyFried hi ya. the same url should still work with ftp:sftp://192.168.xx.yy but as you say connecting is your problem. Pity you can't put ssh on the router. good luck – will Mar 18 at 1:35

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