I am working on an already build shared library.

When I run cmake -C $ILCSOFT/ILCSoft.cmake the output says at somepoint:

-- Check for FastJet (3.1.2)
-- Check for FastJet_LIBRARIES: fastjet
-- Check for FastJet_FASTJET_LIBRARY: /cvmfs/foo...bar/FastJet/3.1.2/lib/libfastjet.so -- ok
-- /cvmfs/foo...bar/v01-17-09/FastJet/3.1.2;

But when I run make install my cc file fails at #include "fastjet/ClusterSequence.hh".

Which means I am not setting up my cmake properly. Right now I am trying to add my fastjet dependency by doing in my CMakeLists.txt:


No errors are thrown, but I cannot import the stuff I want.

I don't think I understand cmake, make and cpp imports for that matter. Could anyone help me?

How do I import a this large library into my cmake?


If it’s chocking at the include stage it’s finding the include directories that’s the problem, not the actual location of a compiles library. From the cmake docs, so try adding where that libraries headers are.


Add include directories to the build.

include_directories([AFTER|BEFORE] [SYSTEM] dir1 [dir2 ...])

Add the given directories to those the compiler uses to search for include files. Relative paths are interpreted as relative to the current source directory.

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