What's wrong with the commands below?

$ var1="~/Music/$(date +%d%m%y)"
$ echo "$var1"
$ mkdir "$var1"
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘~/Music/240118’: No such file or directory


$ mkdir ~/Music/240118


Never thought I would ask such questions after years of using bash...

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Tilde expansion doesn't work after the variable is expanded, so if you put a literal tilde in var, it will end up as a literal tilde to mkdir. (Note how the error message from mkdir has a literal tilde in it, not the actual path of your home directory.)

And, since you put the tilde in quotes in the assignment, it doesn't expand there either. If it's not in quotes, it does:

$ var="~/Music"; echo $var
$ var=~/"Music"; echo $var

Of course, you could always just use $HOME instead:

$ var="$HOME/Music"; echo $var
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  • Thanks. However I've noticed that this works either: $ var1=~/Music/"$(date +%d%m%y)" $ mkdir "$var1" – ka3ak Jan 25 '18 at 6:10

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