I have several jobs, which I want systemd to start periodically but with an offset to each other.

Since the jobs are quite similar, I want to cover all of them with a single systemd template unit.

However, since the jobs might cause each some load, I want to disentangle the start times and use different systemd timers for each actual service.

Is there a way to hand over additional arguments (as a specific start time) during creating a service based on the template?

systemctl start MyGeneralService@Specific1.{AdditionalArgument??}.service

or is there a way to read a variable later to be used from within the unit template

MyVar = {?XYZ?} /etc/MyService.d/%i.conf {?XYZ?}


or is there any way to define dependencies in a template for derived services? I.e., Before=/After= of derived services in a dynamic(??) way


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May I necropost here? :)

You need a timer, that one can create a bunch of for one service by specifying Unit. E.g:

# systemctl edit --full --force MyGeneralService-1w@.timer
OnActiveSec=5 #start on timer activation after 5 sec once 
OnUnitActiveSec=1w #start on timer activation each 1 week pass

If you want more generic (an dirty) way, you can pass 2nd arg by utilizing a %j token:

  1. Create a generic service/timer.
  2. Make hardlinks to that service/timer with desired argument as last prefix word, delimited by -


# systemctl edit --full --force MyGeneralService@.timer

# ln /etc/systemd/system/MyGeneralService@.timer /etc/systemd/system/MyGeneralService-1w@.timer
# ln /etc/systemd/system/MyGeneralService@.timer /etc/systemd/system/MyGeneralService-1d@.timer
# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl show MyGeneralService-1w@foo.timer
TimersMonotonic={ OnUnitActiveUSec=1w ; next_elapse=0 }
# systemctl show MyGeneralService-1d@bar.timer
TimersMonotonic={ OnUnitActiveUSec=1d ; next_elapse=0 }

PS: Quick timers hands-on by Arch

  • uh, hardlinks are quite a nice hack - I like that ;)
    – THX
    Mar 5, 2019 at 15:29

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