I'm creating bash script to check what HTTP code a given URL returning. I have file with about 50k of URLs in JSON format; it's the first one (head of file):


    and so on

I need to loop over this file, check what HTTP code is every URL returning and save it in another file in format HTTP code + URL. So far I have only this curl command to check http code

  curl -s -o /dev/null -I -w "%{http_code}\n" URL >> httpCodeFile 

I would appreciate any help and advise on what tools/aproach (grep,awk,sed) I should use.

I've created this function to get URL from file but I'm sure about syntax :

function checkHTTP(){

        cat URL_list | while read line
                var =  $(grep documentURL) URL_list

                curl -s -o /dev/null -I -w "%{http_code}\n" ${var} +  " TEST "  >> httpCodeFile


I'm getting only 000 despite that many of the URL should return 404.


The right way with jq + curl solution:

Sample valid input.json:

  "responseHeader": {
    "status": 0,
    "QTime": 7336
  "response": {
    "numFound": 50032,
    "start": 0,
    "maxScore": 1,
    "docs": [
        "documentURL": "https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions"
        "documentURL": "https://unix.stackexchange.com/problems"
        "documentURL": "https://stackoverflow.com/questions"
        "documentURL": "https://stackoverflow.com/issues"


jq -r '.response.docs[].documentURL 
       | "curl -s -o /dev/null -I -w \"%{http_code} \(.)\n\" --url \(.)"' input.json \
       | sh > http_codes.out

The resulting http_codes.out contents:

$ cat http_codes.out 
200 https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions
404 https://unix.stackexchange.com/problems
200 https://stackoverflow.com/questions
404 https://stackoverflow.com/issues
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