Using the arpspoof command I have created a MITM attack on another device. I would now like to forward the traffic through an SSH tunnel (SOCKS5 Proxy). Heres an example....

Client 1-----MITM----->Client 2------MITM-----(Router)---SSH Tunnel---->Server A

Step 1: MITM

Client 2 uses arpspoof to trick Client 1 into thinking that Client 2 is the router. Client 2 uses arpspoof to trick the Router into thinking Client 2 is Client 1.

Step 2: SSH Tunnel

Client 2 sets up a SSH tunnel that connects to Server A.

Step 3: SOCKS5 Proxy

Client 2 sets up a SOCKS5 Proxy running on localhost ( that forwards traffic to Server A.

Step 4: My Goal

Forward the traffic from Client 1 to Client 2 and forward that to the SOCKS5 proxy and then forward that through the SSH Tunnel Server A.

Is it possible and how do I do it?

Thanks in advanced,


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