I have a db of files to download containing fields for filename and download_url with the format:

"foo-1.23.4.jar", "http://example.com/files/12345678/download"
"bar-5.67.8.jar", "http://example.com/files/9876543/download"
"baz-3.31.jar", "http://example.com/files/42424242/download"

Where the urls tend to all be the same except for the number. I tried exporting the list of URLs and downloading these with wget -i, but every file gets named download, and I have no way to tell them apart.

Normally I would use the -O parameter to specify the correct output file, but I'm not sure how to combine that with -i

How can I format the input file and command line to wget -i such that each line can specify both a download url and an output filename?

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Concurrently with GNU parallel:

parallel -a files_list.txt -j0 -C ", *" 'wget -q -O {1} {2}' 
  • -a input-file - use input-file as input source
  • -j N - run up to N jobs in parallel. 0 means as many as possible
  • -C regex - column separator. The input will be treated as a table with regexp separating the columns. The n'th column can be access using {n} or {n.}. E.g. {3} is the 3rd column
  • I like this. I had not heard of parallel. Does this mean that wget does not directly support what I want to do, and the solution is multiple invocations? Jan 23, 2018 at 21:40
  • @RyanBemrose, this solution provides you with effective and fast downloading process: you are able to download multiple resources in parallel. Your input file does not fit the wget's -i option because it would expect the file to contain only URLs while your file has a more complex structure Jan 23, 2018 at 21:48

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