Doing the prerequisite google search didn't turn up anything: I'm looking for a way to install and use localized chinese versions of the man pages (assuming there is some localized package somewhere).

  1. Is there a localized package to install? Better yet, is it already installed in the default install?

  2. How do I activate this? Do I just change my locale? Is there a canonical way to change the locale outside of just resetting the environment variable in my rc file?

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I'm not sure about the first question but here there is a localized package called manpages-zh. This can be installed via aptitude. Instructions for activation/installation are here. They're in Chinese but you can guess from the command line screenshots what you need to do.

I actually installed it and here's the process:

  1. aptitude install language-pack-zh-hans If you are running Ubuntu Server (like me), you'll pull in a bunch of unnecessary GUI packages. I'm not sure how to get just the chinese locale data. I searched aptitude with 'zh' and 'locale' and the thing that made the most sense was this package.

  2. aptitude install manpages-zh

  3. export LANG=zh_CN.utf8. This is different from what the activation/installation instructions are, but they are a bit dated.

  4. man man should show this in chinese. Obviously not all the man pages are Chinese but hopefully it will help your Chinese colleagues more than not.

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