I am using Linux mint with windows 10 in dual boot. For sometime now,I have been away from Linux boot. How can I verify whether my Linux is the latest one?


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apt update; apt list --upgradable

as root.

This will

  1. Refresh the package database.
  2. List all packages that are candidates for upgrading.

If the list from 2) is empty, you're up-to-date.
If there are packages listed, you should consider upgrading those packages.


If you mean a full upgrade to a new version of Mint:

Try the mintupgrade tool. If it's not already installed on your Mint system, you'll need to install it, apt-get install mintupgrade.

Then you can run mintupgrade check to see if any upgrades are available, and mintupgrade upgrade to perform the upgrade (if an upgrade is available).

Otherwise, if you just mean updating the packages in your current Mint version to the latest packages for that version, it can be updated like Ubuntu, with apt-get update to refresh the packages available from the repos, and apt-get upgrade to install any upgrades that are available.

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The update manager will show up in your desktop environments task bar near the bottom right.

enter image description here

This will tell you the updatable packages for your current distro version and if there is a new version of the distro available.


You can check your kernel revision with uname -r. See your distro's release notes, etc to see if you are on the latest version.

If you're expecting to be on the tip of mainline you can check the git branch at kernel.org to see if you are up to date.

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