How can I remove a unit from the systemctl --failed list without rebooting the machine?

Background: I have, amongst others, the following entry in the list:

● openvpn-server@intranert.service loaded failed failed OpenVPN service for intranert

This happened because I misspelled intranet, which is the actual productive instance, on the unit template's activation some time ago. However, I now always get confused at first glance, when I check the server's failed units, since it looks like the productive service actually failed until I recognize the spelling mistake and remember my bygone typo.

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Use systemctl to remove the failed status. To reset all units with failed status:

systemctl reset-failed

or just your specific unit:

systemctl reset-failed openvpn-server@intranert.service
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    Thanks. That latter one saved my day. Note to myself: Read man pages more carefully. Jan 22, 2018 at 8:59

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