I have files in below name format

1-filename.txt 2-filename.txt 3-filename.txt

1-demofile.txt 2-demofile.txt 3-demofile.txt

Now when I run shell script with below command


Awk -F '#_' '{print FILENAME, NF}' ?-filename.txt | uniq -c

Awk -F '#_' '{print FILENAMEME, NF}' ?-demofile.txt | uniq -c

Then i get output as below

10 1-filename.txt 5

10 2-filename.txt 8

10 3-filename.txt 7

10 1-demofile.txt 20

10 2-demofile.txt 20

10 3-demofile.txt 20

Output which I am getting is correct I want all these output to be sent on mail.

How to do that in the script itself.


Have a look at metasend in the metamail package.

You need a locally running mail server (which can be something like masqmail that just forwards it to the "real" server).


mail -S subject address < file is the simplest way to send file in unix. You can use file as attachment also as shown below

echo "$BODY" | mail -s "$SUBJECT" -a file $EMAIL_ADDRESS

where $BODY has contents of email $SUBJECT has subject file is the file to be attached $EMAIL_ADDRESS is email address

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