Is there a way (in several commands if necessary) to make a tar archive that follows all the symlinks (like with tar -h) except for one recursive symlink, which should be preserved as it is?

I have a directory structure like this:

  code folder
  dependencies folder
    symlink to project1 folder (recursive!)
    symlink to project2 folder
    symlink to project3 folder
    ... more symlinks, folders, etc
  code folder
  code folder
... more projects

I want to tar project1 and have it follow all the symlinks to copy external folders like project2 and project3, but I do not want it to follow the recursive symlink it has to itself because it's not necessary and it causes tar to run forever.

From the man page it looks like I can do this with tar -H but I will have to specify every symlink I want to follow. That is a long list and requires updating any time I add another symlinked dependency, so I am looking for a solution that works with less maintenance.

The quick answer here is "don't use recursive symlinks" and that is what I am doing for now, but it is something I would like to have for my project and I can't do it without coming up with a solution to this problem.

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Make the archive, with -h, but excluding the specific problem link with --exclude=path/to/naughty/symlink.

Then, add the problem child with tar --append without -h.

Do not use a compression option (e. g. tar j or tar z) as a compressed tarball is incompatible with "postprocessing" such as --append and --delete. Once you're done appending files, you can then gzip tarball.tar.

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