I used the sort command to numerically sort file1.txt.

~]# sort -n -o file1.txt file1.txt
0 Barack
50 George
60 Ronald
100 Bill

The sort check command states the file is not sorted.

~]# sort -c file1.txt
sort: file1.txt:4: disorder: 100 Bill

I manually modify the file and place "100 Bill" second.

~]# cat file1.txt
0 Barack
100 Bill
50 George
60 Ronald

Now, the sort check command produces no stdout or stderr, meaning the file is properly sorted. Once properly sorted, I can now join the files. It seems that the first character is being used to know if the file is sorted instead of the entire integer.

sort -c file1.txt

Is there a way to sort the file so that "100 Bill" is on line 2? I cannot do this manually, as the real application of this issue deals with hundreds of lines of text processed by a daily job.

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    The file is properly sorted in both cases. In the 1st case you sort it numerically, in the second case it's sorted lexicographically (via your edit - which is the same as running sort file1.txt). What is your actual question ? sort -c complains because you're asking it to verify if your file is sorted lexicographically: it isn't as you just sorted it numerically. Try with sort -c -n file1.txt. – don_crissti Jan 19 '18 at 13:40
  • I see. I falsely assumed that a numeric sort was required. I just tested with no options (lexicograpically) and the desired results are there. Thanks much. – JeremyCanfield Jan 19 '18 at 13:44

If you want to use a file with join, you need to make sure it’s sorted lexicographically on the join key, which means you shouldn’t use -n with sort. You can always sort the result of the join operation again numerically.

When you run sort -c, you need to specify the same sorting parameters as you used to sort the file: so if you want to check whether a file is sorted numerically, run sort -c -n.

Thus in your case, run sort -o file1.txt file1.txt to sort the file lexicographically for use with join (using the first field as the join field).

  • Thanks Stephen. This makes sense now. I mistakenly thought that numeric sort was required. I've made note of this. – JeremyCanfield Jan 19 '18 at 13:45

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